Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Twinkle,twinkle little star.....

Why I chose stars- I have and always will love stars, they remind me of dreams and wishes, and when I was younger I used to have glow in the dark stars on my ceiling, they were my favourite thing at the time, any form of light has always been like a comfort to me whether its fairy lights or candles. They have so much potential in changing moods and peoples feelings.
Stars have so much more to them that meets the eye, If you look at the stars on a clear night, we see them twinkle. Twinkling of stars is caused by movements in Earth's atmosphere. Starlight enters the atmosphere as straight rays. Twinkling occurs because air movements constantly change the path of the light as it comes through the air.

Sagittarius star cloud.
I love the clustering and colours on this image.This picture has been taken through a NASA microscope. I find the stars resemble flickers of metal or glass all reflecting of light.

I have always loved starring into the sky at night, especially on a clear summers night you can see so much more and the clarity is amazing. I find it astounding how much they light up and crowd the sky,through researc
hing stars I have seen some very interesting shapes be created.

These are some of my favoured images.

Sombrero Galaxy.
When I first saw this image I didn't believe it was real. The clarity and definition is beautiful. As all of these images have been taken through scientific microscopes it really allows the viewer to see the depth and complete form of how a star looks and how different each star is.

Galaxies NGC & IC2163
This image reminds me of water going down a plug hole. The spiralling clusters of stars really make it look like the image is moving. This creates a good idea for manipulating fabric.
Globular Cluster.
This cluster of stars really shows just how many stars in the sky there is. Billions.... it reminds me of jewels and crystals reflecting of each other producing different colours from doing that. This has given me an intriguing idea of using lights and seeing how they reflect of each other.

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